How To Be Elegant In Your Prom Dress

Prom night is dear to all girls and everyone wants to be crowned prom queen. If you are a girl anticipating the prom night, you probably want to look your best and at least stand out from the crowd. Prom dresses are fortunately designed to help you do just that. By taking time to select the best for your body type, you definitely will have the time of your life at the prom. Below are some tips that will help you be as elegant as possible at the prom to get that attention you yearn for all through.

1. Choose a unique dress – Sequin dresses can be some of the best if you are really looking to attract the attention of everybody coming across you. The dresses sparkle and will therefore hardly miss the eye. You can however work with any other dress as long as it has some uniqueness to it that will make you stand out.

2. Choose elegant colors – Pink, black and white prom dresses have for the longest time stood as the most preferred. You can try and break this norm by choosing more daring elegant colors such as emerald and navy blue. Choosing colors that draw the eyes will without a doubt fetch you all the attention you deserve on this important night. Try colors you feel not many other girls would choose, but also ensure that they complement your skin tone.

3. Dress for royalty – Besides choosing the right color for your prom dress, you might also find it helpful to wear a form fitting gown or full ball gown. Not many girls choose ball gowns for the prom and hence you will definitely look unique in your carefully selected fitting gown. The secret to stand out on this night is to try and be as unique as you can be. You can also dress up with elegance by choosing high necked dresses or those with long sleeves that are sophisticated. They are classy choices elegant enough for the night.

4. Choose right accessories – The fact is that some dresses are enough without any accessories thanks to their designs and embellishments they come with. However, if you feel your prom dress does not make you pop enough, you can choose the right accessories to add some twist to the look. Long pearl necklaces and diamond earrings or gold bracelets are some of the best when it comes to accessorizing the prom dress. The most important thing when choosing your accessories is to make sure they don’t take the attention off your dress, but instead make amazing additions to keep you looking elegant and stylish.

5. Be confident – It is one thing to wear the most elegant dress and quite another when you are not confident enough in it. Be elegant in the way you walk, smile and even dance. How you carry yourself on this night can make all the difference in just how elegant you look. Be comfortable in the dress and enjoy the prom.

Evening Dress – Choosing The Best For You

If you are going out in the evening, it is because you most probably have a date or you have a very important evening event to attend. That said, you definitely wish to look your best and this trickles down to having the right evening dress on. Evening dresses today come in a wide range of styles and colors giving you a variety of options. With such a huge variety, you will find a dress that makes you pop. The major thing to look out for when looking for the perfect dress is your body type. You will never go wrong when you dress your body type and size.

When choosing your dress, it is also important to look past that one event. It can be a waste to choose a dress that you can only wear once. A good dress will give you a chance to wear it over and over again and still be comfortable, so choose the style and colors with care to make this possible. Below are style tips that can help you select the best and the right dress for you.

  • If you are apple shaped, you have more weight around the tummy and hence you need to choose a dress that holds this area a little more. A simple, classy dress without over-done detail will work great with this shape.
  • To hide the tummy, you can go for a dress with a little detail or ruching around the bust area and one that shows off your beautiful legs. This kind of a dress will take the attention off the area you are most conscious about. You can also throw on a belt around the tummy to disguise it and create a beautiful figure.
  • If your body is straight down and straight up, you are better placed wearing a short dress with a high neckline. You can also add a necklace that makes a statement and big earrings to add details on top. This will also add volume to the bust area and you will be showing what you have that is beautiful legs. A strapless dress will also work amazingly well with this body type since it creates a waistline and outlines the hips.
  • For the body that is broader around the shoulders, choose a dress that counteracts the shoulders or one that ends up creating a little more volume around the hips. A dress with a V neckline and a tulip bottom will balance out the body. You will feel and look more proportional when the hips are out a little to balance with the shoulders so choose a dress that gives you this perfect look.
  • A pear shaped body is not too hard to dress and you will therefore have plenty of options to play around with till you find one that feels just right for you. Dresses cut under the bust should do you justice. Empire line dresses are most suitable, but if you have a bottom that is bigger you can choose a dress that disguises the hips. You can do this by adding a little bulk around the shoulders with a cashmere or stylish cardigan.
  • The hourglass figure is considered perfect and all you need to do is exaggerate the waist so the bust and the hips balance out amazingly well.

5 Types Of Wedding Dresses With Train

Are you planning a wedding and looking for a wedding dress with a train? Here are five different types wedding dresses with trains:


The length of the dress is relatively moderate and ideal for you if you are used to wearing high heels at work or during your leisure time. If you are uncomfortable wearing heels, this isn’t the dress for you as it will be too long for you.

When you wear it with high heels, the dress touches the floor only a little bit. It’s ideal for you if you aren’t doing a too formal wedding.

Chapel length dress

This is the most popular in most weddings. The train is usually 1-1.2 Meters from the waist and allows you to easily step on the aisle more comfortably due to the amount of material that hangs down.

While this outfit is great to look at, it’s not ideal for everyone. For example, it’s not ideal for wide-bodied women as it gives you the impression that you have added a lot of embroidery.

Semi cathedral train length

The length of the dress is between the size of the chapel and cathedral dresses. The train is quite long thus you will have a hard time running in it. When trying the outfit you should ensure that you wear high heels. As rule of thumb you should ensure that you are able to walk comfortably without sinking the dress.


The tail length is usually 1.7-2.3 meters from the waist. You should note that most of these outfits are made for ladies with larger bodies; therefore, if you have a smaller body you should consult your image consultant and he/she will guide you on the best outfit to buy.

Royal train

The outfit is very common in royal weddings. For example, it was the one used by Lady Diana. The train is very long (about 3 meters) which makes any lady who wears it look like a queen. While the dress is very elegant to wear, you should avoid it if you have a tiny body. This is because it’s very heavy thus can greatly burden your petite body.


These are some of the common trains found in wedding dresses. While trains make a wedding dress more elegant, they also make it heavy. If you don’t want to be burdened, you should go for a dress that comes without a train.